About Us

RIZOV FLOATS LTD is a family owned company with more than 35 years of experience in balsa fishing floats manufacturing.The modernization of the production was started in 2001.

 Today, it is one of the leading entrepreneurs, trusted by a wide range of customers from all over Europe. Their entire fishing floats product line is made from superior quality grade materials and it is delivered under the patented brand of ‘RIZOV’. In response to the constantly increasing volume of orders, in 2015 RIZOV FLOATS upgraded their manufacturing facilities moving in to a new company owned building. They engaged a larger team of dedicated employees and kept on proving their ability to manage and maintain an exceptional combination of perfect workmanship and appearance. RIZOV FLOATS LTD is also ready to meet any particular customers’ requirements when elaborating and manufacturing custom balsa floats based on individual designs and branding. RIZOV’s outstanding reputation is formed to the fact that the company is constantly dedicated to the excellent quality and performance of their products, while implementing perfect customer service.