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Balsa bodies 162

Price: €0.22
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    balsa bodies 162 /0.4gr/
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    0.000 Kgs

Sanded and primed balsa wood bodies size:

0.40 , 0.60 ,0.80 ,1.0 ,1.25 ,1.50 gr.

0.40gr drilled above with 0.6mm drilled below 0.5mm

0.60gr drilled above with 0.7mm drilled below 0.6mm

0.80gr drilled above with 0.8mm drilled below 0.6mm

1.00gr drilled above with 0.8mm drilled below 0.6mm

1.25gr drilled above with 1mm drilled below 0.7mm

1.50gr drilled above with 1mm drilled below 0.7mm

The depth of the holes varies between 10-15mm

The price is for one piece




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