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Sanded and primed Romacryl  bodies size:

1.0gr drilled through the body with 1.0 mm

2.0gr drilled through the body with 1.0 mm

3.0gr drilled through the body with 1.2 mm

 4.0gr drilled through the body with 1.2 mm

5.0gr drilled through the body with 1.2 mm

6.0gr drilled through the body with 1.2 mm

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We are thrilled to introduce Romacryl, a revolutionary closed-cell foam designed specifically for crafting fishing floats. With its fine, homogeneous cell structure (100kg/m³), Romacryl offers unparalleled buoyancy and durability without the use of harmful CFCs. This new rigid foam product is the ideal choice for crafting floats weighing over 1 gram.One of the key advantages of Romacryl is its ability to maintain buoyancy even in challenging conditions, ensuring that your float remains effective throughout your angling endeavors.While we are proud to offer this cutting-edge material, we understand the importance of affordability. Rest assured, we have carefully considered the pricing of Romacryl to provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. We believe that every angler should have access to superior equipment, and Romacryl reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional products at a competitive price point.Experience the difference with Romacryl and elevate your fishing experience with floats that embody innovation, reliability, and value.


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